Friday, October 1, 2010

Giuliana Rancic has red in her stool..

I never did get why abortion and miscarriages are such a big deal. I mean sure, it is a little annoying your partner is a grotesque whale for the best part of nine months and consumes (later expels in the mornings) enough food to feed a small 3rd world village, but otherwise it's not like you cant just make another one (see: pets). Giuliana Rancic from E! news has come out with tales of woe about her failed pregnancy.
"there has gotta be a bigger plan here, right? There has gotta be a reason..." If you are going to subscribe to these kinds of thoughts then why not take it one step further and say god doesn't want you to have kids because you are a failure of a human being. People for some reason put so much value in fetus's they forget what they are carrying is the promise of a human being and is not actually a life...

lots of love
Jacob Bravo